Nat’s eIntensives
Term 2/3
#1 Web 2.0
#2Green Screen
#3 More Web 2.0 Tools
Explored a variety of web 2.0 tools. Wall wisher, pirate pad,
google docs, bookemon and prezi.
Looked briefly at movie making. Teachers are familiar.
Discussed how they could be used and barriers discussed.
Shared xtra.normal.com and goanimate.
Teachers keen to try xtra.normal.


Barriers Discussed
Space on server to save children's work.
Movie maker running very slow
Lack of access to digital cameras
Watchdog blocking sites

Progress/ Feedback
Team 5 used cross class/ interactive real time brainstorming in ‘fungi’ unit. Good responses. Children motivated.
Possible Solutions
All blocked sites emailed to Wendy.
Use Booking system to borrow school pod of
15 x digital cameras for classroom use. School
purchasing hard drive to provide space for
saving digital photos and movies. Free up space
by removing old photos and movies once utilised
Progress/ Feedback
Tracey has used xtra normal in class. Some shared with other team members. Interest in learning xtra normal in eWorkshop expressed.

Intensives Round 2
# 1 Maths
Using existing etools.
#2 Blogs
#2 Powerpoint
Resource breakdown shared with teams 1 and 2. Planning example shows links to websites and software. Mimio and computers used in planning. Link to specific L.Is for different groups needs.
Resources to use for taskboards shared. Existing software matched up to strand/ stage shared on server.
Nat & Wendy to provide two options which came up in previous discussions with teachers.
Teacher to choose session. Learn to update blog – add photos, movies, text and comments.
Learn to make simple powerpoints. Add animations etc.
Discuss possible ideas? Next learning steps with teachers.